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Designing Minds

The Art of Entertainment


From Camera Utility to Art Dept., Lynch has learned the film industry inside and out and ventured into the art of film making that is his found passion, writing and producing. As a Producer for hire, Lynch has the abilities and connections to fully staff your production. Locations are in his reach as well, simplifying scouting from the start of production.


From short films to full feature screenplays, Scott Lynch has a vast array of written stories. A more wholesome family writer, Lynch has written and filmed reality to horror. Writer for hire, of course, if you are looking to have someone turn your story into a written screenplay, look no further, even if you have a concept for a reality show or TV Sitcom.

Web Design

Websites are not just a way to sell a product. Consumers go to web sites to find out more about your company, products and services. Web design can be costly, yet if you have the right web designer, your website design can fit right in your budget. A development and update program can be set up just for you.

Media Relations

Social Media Management is a vital necessity in business. Businesses, Sports Teams, Race Car Drivers and Athletes all need proper representation for both media and fan relations. It has opened the doors for contact, yet having the control to such contact is vital as well.

Talent Management

Our clients have ranged from Actors to Sports Figures since 1999. Working with and representing High Profile clientele has become our specialty. The best protection, Management! Providing fast coverage to the general public with internet publications with-in moments from an event, live coverage, Television and Radio. We strive to be the first with your news online. Our team of professionals can help control the Media, Fans, and everything in-between!

Behind The Scenes & On Set in Hollywood

Most sets, locations and Production Companies have a "No Photo" rule. Meaning no photos of the location, sets or mainly talent can be taken. Social Media has made it harder, but in fact, not just the crew, but talent has leaked secret on set stuff, including James Franco and the 2011 Oscar's Promo, where he leaked him and Ann Hathaway ding a Grease montage that took us days to build and film, it was never aired, and some great work. Here are a few shots from locations and sets over the years.