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Hollywood, Ca

From short films to full feature screenplays, Scott Lynch has a vast array of written stories. A more wholesome family writer, Lynch has written and filmed reality to horror. Writer for hire, of course, if you are looking to have someone turn your story into a written screenplay, look no further, even if you have concept for a reality show or TV Sitcom.

Delivered - By Scott Lynch

Scott was asked by a Producer to write what was on his mind. At that moment it was about his Daughter. Amanda using an App to order Pizza, and that App being hacked by a serial killer... "Are you that worried about your daughter..." asked the producer. "No, I am more worried about the serial killer, my daughter is gnarly tough!" - The production was completed and to screen ready in 22 days. - Actress Amanda Santella fit the role to a tee!

Just For The Faux of It! - Reality Concept

Based on an hour reality scale, this was filmed for concept.  A Pay It Forward show about Hollywood's Art Department doing good deeds ina and around the TMZ (The "Thirty Mile Zone" of Hollywood). The production was produced by, Scott Lynch and his production team, based in Santa Clarita Ca.