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Social Media
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We Are The Middle Man

Businesses, Actors, Models, Sports Teams, Racecar Drivers and Athletes alike need proper representation for both media and fan relations. Social Media Management is a vital necessity in our business. We provide a well written and informed post gets attention and shares with photo graphics to enhance branding within the posts.

We also offer a direct and personal relation to the fans and marketing partners, which is Vital in Public and Media Relations. Providing Websites and Social Media Management Coverage, always maintaining the Branding that has been created.

Direct To Media Contact

Press Releases are a way to branch out Nation Wide creating an attraction to you and your Brand. No, we don't simply submit to a news wire service, we use our contacts that have taken years to establish, and we provide direct distribution to real news outlets.

As your representative, we will communicate with the media on your behalf, making sure the facts are set before your scheduled interview. We have a large media contact list, but it's forever growing. We are currently working on branching out to Televised World Wide Media in a foreign language.

General Services

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