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Talent Management


Our clients have ranged from Actors to Sports Figures since 1999. Working with and representing High Profile clientele has become our specialty. The best protection, Management! Providing fast coverage to the general public with internet publications with-in moments from an event, live coverage, Television and Radio. We strive to be the first with your news online. Our team of professionals can help control the Media, Fans, and everything in-between!

Photo images were the top marketing tool, then television, and then the web. The largest growth in all is, the web! It offers all mediums of marketing, with sites obtaining all forms, Photos, Video, and Live Stream has even done away with Celebrity Fan Clubs. Communication and Social Networking has become a large part of Identity Branding. An ever growing force, and we have been here along the way. Including IMDB pages and contact.

We assure your child actor or athlete is well managed!

Under the California Coogan Act (SB 1162), whenever a child actor or athlete works under contract, employers are required to deposit 15% of gross earnings directly into a Coogan Blocked Trust Account that has been set up in the minor's name.
In 2005, after the release of the Oscar Winning Film CRASH, we tried to register Ashlyn's domain name for her and found someone else had purchased it. They tried to sell it to Ashlyn's Mother for thousands of dollars. We spent hundreds of dollars buying every other domain extension available at that time to protect her identity. Since that day we have made it a point to help protect those not only young, but all up and comers. Actors, Race Car Drivers, Martial Artist and more. 


Offering Celebrity & Talent Management since 2005. Scott Lynch Management is listed on IMDB with 9 clients from actors to athletes and reality stars.

Celebrity Management, Talent Manager for; Actors, Actress, Models, Public Figure, Entertainment, Activists, Athletes, Racecar Driver, Social Media Management, Press Releases.
Our clients are being booked on some major TV shows, as well as lead rolls in shorts and feature films.